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3D Steam Locomotive
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Newtonium RoboWorks provides me  the exact control that I like to have in creating 3D models and animations.
Sometimes I simply want to  create a fun
3D animation just to keep my skills up to date.

The animation on this page is an animated GIF that runs quite slow in html, but will run correctly using QuickTime. Both QuickTime and Real Player are pretty good at displaying animations. Use [CTL+L] to loop the animation in QuickTime.

Take a loook at the files below to see how I created the model and then created the animation script (.dat file) from simple Basic.

LaPorte.bas - The Basic Langujage File
LaPorte.dat - The Animation File
LaPorte.scn - The RoboWorks File
Download All 3 files in one 55kB ZIP file.

This animation runs best on my system with QuickTime. Speed as simple animated gif without using QuickTime is very slow in HTML. QuickTime seems to smooth out looped animations better
than  simply looping an avi video.

Click on this link to see the animation using the browser without QuickTime. This is why we embed videos and animations using third party apps like QuickTime.