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Newtonium RoboWorks TM Modelling Sample
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Newtonium RoboWorks provides me  the exact control that I like to have in creating 3D models and animations.
There are times that I simply need to move an object around on the screen to get the level of animation that I need to make my point. But with models like this, I need a precise mathematical method to create the animation file. Fortunately, I have the background and skills to write a simple Basic Language script that will provide the exact postions of all of the components in a complex animation. Being a good artist isn't good enough. To be effective you need to provide the animation detail that the model requires.

Take a loook at the files below to see how I created the model and then created the animation script (.dat file) from simple Basic.

SRocket.scn - The RoboWOrks file
Process.bas - The Basic Langujage File
Process.dat - The Animation File

Download All 3 files in one 78kB ZIP file.

Stephenson Rocket - circa 1829    Animated GIF 3.4MB
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