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• Freeware from is a "can't live without" program. It uses layers and vectors and supports most common formats.

•  Free Studio from has all of the video tools you could ever need plus other utilities plus 3D image and 3D video tools.

•  Swish Video 3 from has a free trial version but is priced at $49.95. The flash templates and options are well worth the money. The program also allows for transparent backgrounds for use in "blue screen" applications in flash.

•  QuickTime from is a great freeware program for viewing high quality video, often in second monitors or projectors that other programs just show a black screen. The native video format is good for web videos because of it's excellent codec. QuickTime Pro for $29.99 allows you to capture, convert and edit video.

•  Keepvid an online service at In the past I have found the high quality version of videos that I particularly wanted to keep. The lowest quality shows up on a web page to save bandwidth, but there are often higher quality versions available for download.

•FastStone Capture from $19.95 for lifetime license is an amazingly fast screen and video capture tool. This tool integrates welll with RoboWorks to automate frame captures to create video animations.

•  AutoIt  is great freeware from that allows you to automate the Windows GUI. That means that anything you can do in Windows, you can program to work automatically. For instance: Capture a frame from an anmimation sequence, save it to a location, advance the frame and capture it again for a set number of frames. Works great with RoboWorks "animate from file" option. This program works with the SciTE editor in a simple basic type language to create exe files.

•  img2avi.exe from is freeware that will convert those screen captures into an avi video. From there is is easy to convert to any codec you might need using video conversion software. The language is German, but a simple "nein" on the opening screen takes you to the program. A very good tutorial on how to use the program can be found at:

•  WAX 2.0  Freeware from is a special effects video editor that excels in bluescreen transparent background video. Just drop in your logo or picture in the background and that's all there is to it.
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It takes many hours to test and evaluate software for any specific application. I have found that these packages have performed well for me.
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